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Our upholstery cleaning process:

Upholstery Cleaning Services FAQs

How Do l Book For Upholstery  Services  ?

Complete the contact form on top of the page and our team will call you and give you a quotation.

How Long Does It Take To Dry?

Within 1 – 24 hours depending on the fiber / fabric type and the drying conditions such as temperature, humidity and airflow.  Don’t replace cushions or sit on the upholstery until dry.  Leave cushions off of base and leaning against a wall to allow air to flow to all sides of cushion.

Does Upholstery Cleaning Remove Pet Odors from Fabric or Cushions?

Pet hair, dirt, dander and other droplets find their way into the carpet fiber and settle. A regular professional deep clean will remove all the dirt build up and buried in the carpet pile.

How Often Should I Call For Upholstery Cleaning Services?

Carpet/Rug Cleaning: High-trafficed carpets and rug require professional cleaning every 3-6 month. Upholstery Cleaning: Couch/Sofa require professional cleaning once per year. Arm chair require deep cleaning every 6 month. Mattress Cleaning: Mattress require professional cleaning every 1-2 years.

Do You Clean Home Carpets As Well?

While our biggest clients are in the commercial sector, we also clean residential carpets. We have eco-friendly products that are harmless to your family and pets.